Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthrope, Lincolnshire, England. Absolutely nothing happens in Woolsthrope, and poor Newton was in danger of becoming so bored he either had to set fire to his own head or become a key figure in the scientific revolution.

And that’s how he became a Sir.

Now, I am not saying any of us have this extraordinary aptitude for mathematics, but oh boy were we equally bored in high school. Many great things are born from boredom. In our case, it was a great collaboration between two artists. One with an avid interest in history, another with a knack for psychology. Together, we began to write stories. 


Six years of creative collaboration and a degree in illustration later, we decided to start Flax & Merula. We wanted our own little space on the internet dedicated to storytelling, where we can share inspiration, influences, projects and experiences. Because stories are everywhere, and art has a place outside of institutions and archives.

These days, we live and work in Oslo, Norway, where we do everything from writing novels and illustrating children’s books to spoken word poetry and experiments with sound design.

What we do:

  • Write and edit novels, poems and other creative texts

  • Make illustrations with a range of materials, from digital paint to watercolours and collages

  • Create animations and short films

  • Work out stories and concepts

  • Drink a lot of tea



Hannah Mileman is a collector, a writer and an illustrator and works through ideas through neat notes in her colour-coded books. Her work is full of humour and energy, focused on dialogue and characters. 


Nora Dåsneswork always starts with sheets upon sheets of drawing. She is interested in capturing ambience and light, in folklore and history, culture and cookery.

She also makes comics sometimes. You can read them here.


How to reach us:

Drop us a line at:

Give us a ring at: +47 994 17 424

Or just hang around in one of Oslo’s hip coffee shops (the ones with free refills, mind) until you bump into us.