Mansfield Park

These illustrations were created for the 2017 Book Illustration Competition arranged by The House of Illustration and Folio Society. They went on to be longlisted for the prize and exhibited at the House of Illustration in April 2017.

Jane Austenโ€™s Mansfield Park is often referred to as her least popular work, but it really resonated with me personally. The conflict between the old and new world, industrialism and country life, stoicism and excitement was refreshing to read in an era that has moved much further away from the quiet life than Georgian Britain had. And it was comforting to read the happy ending for the shy heroine Fanny (even though the bit where she marries her cousin might not have aged as well as the rest of it).

Nora Mansfield Park 1 Print.jpg
Nora Mansfield Park 3 Print.jpg

Russian Classics

Drawings inspired by The Master and Margarita and Crime and Punishment for a university project for Penguinโ€™s release of Russian classic literature